Backup as a Service

Get rid of the hassle of owning and managing backup

Break the cycle of vendor lock-in and technology refresh

Eliminate technology sprawl and point solutions

Strategic fit with public cloud: integrates with the leading cloud technologies as sources of backup data as well as potential storage targets – find out more

Free up resource for higher priorities

Guaranteed high performance

Clear, predictable costs charged on source data

No more capex or upgrade costs

Does it fit my requirements?

Suited to mid size and enterprise environments typically with a mix of physical and virtual servers, multiple OS and database technologies across multiple sites.

Integrates with leading public cloud apps and platforms including Office365, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Google Mail, Google Drive, Openstack & Salesforce.

Range of storage options for long-term retention:

  • 4sl cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Private

Quick restores from on-premise cache typically holding 30 to 60 days’ data

Highly secure: data encryption at source, in flight and at rest

Proactive 24×7 service

Enterprise class SLA

Optional archiving of stale data to free up primary storage

ISO9001, ISO27001 & ISO27018 accredited

Restores from your pre-existing backups

If you’re considering Backup as a Service, you may already be thinking about what happens to your pre-existing data.

We provide restore-only services for all the leading technologies, including optional tape storage and management, enabling infrastructure to be decommissioned and freeing up datacentre space. Savings also come from discontinuing hardware and software maintenance.


Backup Exec

Data Protector