Backup in the cloud

Public cloud is not only prompting reconsideration of how and where to store backup data, but also presents a challenge as increasing amounts of data are processed in SaaS or cloud workloads, all of which still need to be retained to meet operational and regulatory requirements.


4sl Backup as a Service integrates with all leading SaaS, cloud apps and workloads to provide the same standard of data protection as on-premise environments, offering granular data retention and restore options. For example, Office365 restores are supported at a file, folder, mailbox, Onedrive folder and Sharepoint site level. Data are restored directly back into your Office365 subscription.

All data transmissions – either cloud-to-on premise or cloud-to-cloud – are encrypted.

Supported technologies include:


Microsoft Office 365 (including Exchange, Sharepoint, Onedrive)

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud

Google Mail, Google Drive



Alongside 4sl cloud and private cloud options, we offer all leading public clouds as long-term storage targets. Our clients typically retain their data in our on-premise caches for 30-60 days to service the majority of restores before copying backups to the cloud for long term retention.

We can help you decide which public cloud is best suited to your needs. Alongside the main differences in regions, storage redundancy and cost, there are other considerations such as egress charges and networking.

Some organisations may consider storing cloud workload backups in a different cloud, or even on-premise, either for commercial reasons or to avoid having all their eggs in one basket.

Whatever your requirements, we are completely agnostic as to where you store your data and can guide you through the decision-making process.