The Challenge of rapid data growth

Client Sector: Legal Top 30

Pre-existing technologies: NetBackup

Sites: 37 Offices in 22 Countries



The UK infrastructure consisted of around 100 servers running a variety of operating systems, physical and VMware virtual machines and SQL databases. Backup comprised NetBackup 7.5 with primary storage acting as a staging area before writing to tape. Recognising that data growth and complexity of systems meant the tape based solution was burdensome so the company looked for a new solution.


The client issued an RfP to select a partner, at which point they were undecided whether to opt to refresh their technology and retain control or choose Backup as a service. They had some key technical compatibility requirements and further consideration was a possible new data centre in Asia, to serve regional offices. 4sl’s track record in providing high-performance backup services for customers in multiple geographies awarded us the contract. This client is one of our longest-running Backup as a service client and have expanded significantly over the years.

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