Is ignorance of cloud services putting enterprise data at risk?


The cloud in its many forms is undoubtedly the biggest revolution in IT since open systems began the shift away from mainframes. It has many powerful characteristics, not least because it enables companies to use technology whilst not having to own and manage the infrastructure it sits on. But there is a lack of understanding around the cloud, particularly when it comes to corporate standards such as backup.

To investigate whether enterprises are unwittingly increasing the risk of data loss through use of the cloud, we commissioned an in-depth survey of 200 senior IT decision makers in October.

Our research findings showed that use of cloud services has grown significantly in the last 2 years. Half of firms interviewed said that backup has become harder as more IT moves to the cloud, with three fifths admitting to struggling with backup and lack of skills to adapt as environments become more complex. The research found there is a worrying level of misunderstanding around what level of backup and recovery cloud providers actually offer.

Please view and download the full research report here:

Barnaby Mote