DR as a Service

DR as a Service (DRaaS) drastically cuts costs by minimising or eliminating on-premise infrastructure in favour of on-demand public cloud components that are as available as you need them to be.

DR is driven by a business requirement for availability: some applications need to be recovered within minutes; others can wait several hours. Given a blank slate, most application owners will say “I want everything back now”, which is perfectly possible but comes at a cost. Thanks to public cloud’s transparent pricing, the premium to be paid for critical recovery can be quantified, making owners think twice about what they really need and enabling IT decision makers to find the right balance between cost and performance.

How does it work?

4sl DRaaS leverages the advanced features of our backup service to make workloads available in the cloud as necessitated by your recovery tiers. Which public cloud you wish to use for recovery is entirely up to you.

Critical data is continuously replicated from our backup cache in your primary datacentre to persistent public cloud instances and storage; on invocation, those instances are available immediately. Costs for each application will vary depending on the exact cloud components required.

Non-critical data is backed up and then copied to the cloud for restore on invocation. The invocation process does not start until all Critical workloads have been fully recovered and, because the backup has to be restored as the first invocation step, the process takes longer. Different cloud storage tiers offer varying restore speeds and therefore a range of RTOs. Whichever storage tier is selected, the cost for non-critical data is significantly lower during normal operations because – unlike critical – there are no ongoing cloud costs other than storage of the backup copy.

Within each recovery tier, you set the priority that workloads are recovered.

What about low-latency, highly critical applications?

These are less suited to recovery in the cloud; rather, a secondary on-premise environment is still the default approach to ensure high availability provided by a technique such as SAN replication. Depending on your requirements we can provide anything from hosting only through to design, build and management of a dedicated infrastructure with dedicated connectivity back to your primary site.

This can sit alongside a public cloud provision for the rest of your environment with application groupings having a range of availability and recovery characteristics charged on a common, transparent basis.